A very fine line…

We welcome back Jeremy Whitlock again with his guest post – Is there a fine line between customer base and customer focus?


I started a subscription with the local newspaper (the Sacramento Bee) recently, which is scheduled to be sent to me on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays only.

I received an automated phone call before I left on vacation to San Antonio informing me that I should have received my papers in which the message asked me to press “0” if I had not. I pressed “0” to be sure if the subscription was to have started the weekend that had just past, or the forthcoming weekend. After speaking to a representative I found that I should have received it on the weekend that had past.

At that point I was credited 3 days worth, in addition I asked them to skip the forthcoming week as I was going to be in Texas and then to begin the paper the following weekend.

The weekend after I came back from Texas, I received the paper on Friday and Saturday, but not on Sunday. I then called the Sacramento Bee and chose the option to have it delivered ASAP as I wanted to see the Sunday Ads. I received the paper around 12:30pm when I heard it slam on my front porch.

The following weekend I did not receive the paper on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I called the Sacramento Bee and requested for the service to be terminated and to have my money refunded as I received the paper 2 out of the 9 days I should have received it. I was asked to give them another shot and the situation would be escalated to a manager (whose job title sounded very high-up). I was also told that this manager would contact the person who delivers and then contact me with 3-4 business days to discuss. In addition I was credited on my account for the missing days.

To this day, I have not received a call from the manager – which has been 2 full weeks. This weekend that just passed, I received my paper, however on Friday and Sunday, I received two copies of the newspaper, both laying right on top of each other, which I found to be very odd.

And here comes the cake topper…… I now receive the paper, periodically during the weekdays, which I am not scheduled to receive.

– Jeremy


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