Just Two Napkins

When I was in college, I practically put myself through school working at Subway.  While I was never a Sub Jammer (fastest sub makers in the world – 30 seconds and under), I did pride myself on my Sub Making skills and also on my Customer Service.  One thing that I noticed in my four years of working at Subway was that the corporate standard on Napkins was one of biggest pain points for Customers.

The rule was that we gave each customer two – and only two – napkins with their order.  I think that we could give them two napkins per sandwich, but many managers and store owners pressured the staff to only hand out two napkins, even with a large order of five or six sandwiches.

Practically all of the Customers I ever served (which I would estimate at at around 20,000 by the time I graduated college and left) would ask for additional napkins.  We would give them extra napkins – the employees with a smile on our faces and the owners, well….they may have smiled, but they were not happy inside.

Npakins are fairly cheap, even when the store must buy them from Subway authorized vendors at Subway-set-in-stone rates, yet I never understood the reluctance to hand out napkins.  I do not suggest that napkins drop from the ceiling like confetti in New York City on New Years; I do understand economics and the principle of keeping costs down.  However, the “Two Napkin” policy plainly did not work for the chain’s customers and even today remains a source of amusement and irritation.

So, for my readers today:

1 – What is your “Two Napkin” policy?

2 – Is it causing your Customer to become irritated?

3 – Can you and will you change the policy?

Thanks for reading, I’d love to hear from you.

– Brandon

 *Here’s a great You Tube link to a Sub Jammer’s contest – enjoy



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