Internal Customer Service

I had the opportunity last week to speak to a fabulous group of back office teams at PMC.  We usually think of Customer Service as only something that we need for our external customers – those who buy our products or services.  While that is of utmost importance (if they don;t buy, we usually are out of a job!), it is likewise as important to focus on Customer Service for our internal customers – those teams and people inside our company that we support. 

In the case of last week, I was able to interact with people who run the Human Resources, Payroll Accounting, Computer Support, Graphic Design, Contracts and other support teams within PMC.  As we discussed their roles within the company, two things became obvious.

1 – The company could not function without them.  This fact is as simple as gravity – someone has to process the paperwork and maintain all the back end functions of every company.  Try letting all of the administrative assistants in a company go and see how much gets done! 

2 – They were great at what they do and they love doing it.  Most people I encounter in back office roles are similar and it shows.  For example, any time that I have had a problem in my own company and had to call for support from Payroll, I have received exemplary Customer Service.

So, take a look at the Internal Customer Service and let me know some great examples.  I’d love to hear from you.

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