Do What You Say You Will

My family has subscribed to a monthly DVD purchasing program from a company called Living Scriptures  in which we receive a new DVD each month.  We started the program about 4 years ago and have accumulated a nice collection of Scripture themed DVDs for our kids and the whole family) to watch.

When we signed up to start this subscription, we were supposed to receive an Activity Book with each DVD.  We received the first one and then never received any additional books, just the DVDs. I have called them several times over the past several years to inquire about our Activity Books.  Each time, I was told that they would correct it in the system and that I would receive the books shortly.

I would wait and….you guessed it…no books.

Finally, a few months ago, I called again and a very nice and helpful Eric promised me that he was updating my account and I would receive the books.  A few weeks later, our monthly DVD showed up in the mail and this time, Voila! there was an Activity Book included. 

Evidently, the system was catching up and I eagerly waited for the missing 50 books.  And waited. 

After a few more weeks, I called again and talked to Kate who looked in my account, put me on hold and came back to let me know that they had been shipped two weeks before. 

Unfortunately, they did not spend the extra 30 cents to track my package so they could not tell me where it is.  Since I live only 600 miles from the shipping center, I figured out that it must be traveling at less than 60 miles per day to get to my house.

Lessons from this

The Good – The company never argued with me, they agreed each time that I was owed the books.

The Bad – There was a disconnect between the Phone Reps and the shipping department as 4 years passed with repeated calls and no shipped books.

The Weird – Why didn’t they spend a few cents and track my package, especially as it is a giant stack of books?

They have a great product and are very nice on the phone, so I just have to wait and see when they arrive.

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