Where is the….?

On my way home from work last night, I stopped at a grocery store to pick up a few things that we needed for dinner.  Unfortunately, I could not find everything I needed and as I approached the checkout lane, the checker asked me if I had found everything.  I replied that I was missing two items – Tahini and Raw, Hulled Sunflower Seeds.  He immediately said, “Oh we have those” and turned to the courtesy counter a few feet away to ask where the Tahini was. 

 There were a few baggers, checkers and a store manager at the courtesy counter talking.  They immediately stopped talking and the manager came forward and said, “Come with me, I’ll show you exactly where these are.”  He walked me to the precise spot where I could get the items and within 2 minutes I was back at the checkout aisle, ready to go!

How amazing this was, however, the truly amazing part is that this store always does this.  Not only the employees, but also the managers will immediately stop what they are doing and walk you to what you need.  If it is a specific item, they will offer to run and get it for you.  My items were ones in which I had a choice of which brand to pick from, so I think that is why they walked me to the spot.

How often in dealing with our customers do we walk them to the item?  So many times in Customer Service, we observe this instead, “Sure thing, go down to Aisle 10,” when the extra minute it takes to go with the customer really makes a difference.

Great job, Raley’s!  You are the best grocery store.

Thanks for reading,



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