Pay it Forward “Thank You’s”

Last year, I wrote about thanking your customers.  My work team made Thanking our Customers a formalized process and started sending one Thank You card a day to a customer.  Keep in mind that we provide internal support to our company, so we do not interface with our external clients at all.  We support the lines of business, which in turn, sells our product to outside clients, maintains our service to the world, etc. 

With our process, we picked a random customer each day that we had provided internal support to and sent them a handwritten Thank You card.  As they were all fellow employees, we simply used our interoffice mail to send them out.  Occasionally, we hear back from them with an email letting us know that they got the card and appreciate it.

This week, however, we got a surprise call from one of our customers not only thanking us for the card, but also letting us know that her department liked the idea so much that they are now starting their own program and are “Paying it Forward” by sending Thank You cards to their external customers.

Whether you provide internal or external service, I highly recommend this program.  If you have, let me know the results.

 Thanks for reading,



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