Customer Service as a Cause

Last week’s worldwide conference on IT and Customer Support had so many nuggets that I would like to share. There was one tremendous keynote that dove right into the heart of a company. jason-jennings.jpg

The speaker, Jason Jennings, shared his extensive,  multi-year research into what makes companies great.

Rich Hand of HDI captured part of Jason’s findings in his blog post this week. Thanks to Phil Gerbyshak for the pictures of Rich and Jason)

Rich writes of Jason Jennings’s work – “The world’s best performing companies and leaders turn what they do into a CAUSE. Not to be confused with a mission or vision statement that is concocted in a boardroom by people that would be challenged to understand what the company actually delivers, but more in the vein of; we can change the world, people’s lives, the course of history with our product if we get it into the right hands. Causes are pursued with passion; by everyone within the organization.

Based on Jason’s findings, my own thought is that companies that consider Customer Service to be a CAUSE are successful, because they:

1 – keep the customer foremost in mind when making decisions

2 – understand that the customer is the reason for their company

3 – focus their entire company around the customer

I would love to hear your thoughts on which companies have made their Customer Service a CAUSE.

Thanks for reading,



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