The Balancing Act – Big Company and Local Service

Paul Schwartz at Customer U wrote a few articles on the Starbucks experience that are well worth checking out. First he describes the Starbucks feedback process. What is so interesting is that Paul notes the process of submitting feedback is a little laborious and well, it seems to me as though it runs in the face of Starbucks’ “local coffee house” culture. The form has to be mailed in (does that scream Big Company to anyone else?) and contact back from “the company” takes over a week.

All is not lost, however. Apparently, when Paul asked to speak to a manager, not only did the local store’s employees step up to the challenge, but the staff, off-duty manager AND the corporate rep who called him back (a week later) all were extremely professional and friendly. Great job to the local store in making up for any lost areas in the Customer Feedback experience.

Becky Carroll is also writing about the Starbucks experience; check out the Starbucks Manifesto by John Moore and the year long Starbucks Project. Even if you don’t drink coffee, the Customer Service ideas and thoughts are worth your time.

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