99 Cent Customer Service

Can you really have great Customer Service at bargain prices? It seems that many people argue that Customer Service can only be had at top dollar prices. Their logic dictates that it costs more to provide good Customer Service and that you must pay a premium in order to have that service.

I beg to differ and offer this simple observation. Every time that I go to a thrift store or 99 cent store (where else do you think I get my inventory of eclectic T-Shirts?), I find that the people working there have been able to answer my questions quickly and efficiently. In addition, they have been very helpful and friendly when it comes time to check out, often engaging me in conversation while ringing up my purchases.

I can find no greater difference than the gap between Goodwill and Nordstrom, yet I find good service at both. Let’s not pretend that I am shopping for the same items at each, however, the point remains that good Customer Service can be had at all levels. It just takes the right people and support.

I’d love to hear your thoughts….

Thanks for reading,


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