The Sky is Not Falling – Stay Calm and Your Customers Will, Too

When it rains, it pours. At least in business, it does. Why does it seem that issues and complaints all wait for the perfect moment and then converge, without warning upon us?

Whether our “perfect storm” consists of two tour buses pulling into our restaurant at the same time or a dozen ‘returns’ all showing up at once in our store, the key to weathering these occurrences is a calm disposition and projecting that calmness to our customers.

No matter how bad the situation may get, the revenue for your business is right in front of you and a pleasant, business-like demeanor combined with a ‘get the job done’ attitude will get you through the quick (and brief) surge that occurs until things return to a calmer state.

So, the next time it seems as though there is just too much going on and you can’t handle another issue, take a deep breath, pause for a second and place the moment in perspective. Each issue that you handle in a calm and positive manner fosters excellent customer service and brings in future revenue.

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