Customer Service Tip #4 – Stand Out!

I am a huge Kirk Weisler ( fan. If you have the opportunity to hear him speak, buy a ticket, sneak in with the staff, just do whatever you have to in order to listen to this man. Kirk is a big advocate of reading. As in books. Not the Internet, not magazines, but old school books. If Kirk is correct, and also my initial research (both on-line and from talking to people over the past few years) , about half of Americans never read another book after high school.

Based on this number, if you read one book after age 18, you are ahead of the pack. As Kirk explained, the bar is set so low that all you have to do is lift your feet a few inches off the ground and you are over the hurdle. Now, if you read (gasp!) one book per decade, you are practically on fire. And if you could manage (hold on here), one book per year, you are a Rock Star!

This week, I was reading Becky Carroll’s Customers Rock ( and found that her post “Making a difference for customers” reminded me of Kirk’s presentation. Customer Service is at an all-time low. It really takes so little to stand out and provide excellent customer service.

The basic tenets of Customer Service are not that hard and yet, as a whole, seem to be disappearing. So, if you and your team / company are moderately concerned for your customers, you are way ahead of most. And, if you really dig in and take care of your customers, you will stand out. It’s that easy, folks.

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2 responses to “Customer Service Tip #4 – Stand Out!

  1. Brandon, you are right; it is fairly easy to differentiate yourself by providing great customer service. It is also something that needs to be planned; leaving to “random acts of kindness” creates inconsistent experiences.

    Keep the faith, Brandon, and thanks for the shout-out! 🙂

  2. Dennis A. Klaman

    Mostly off topic here, but I wanted to point out that I read that if you read one book a month in your field of interest for one year you could be considered an expert in your field. So let me tie this back to your comment.

    Get your customer support staff to read at least one book a month and you’ll experience some amazing improvement in the quality of service.

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