Customer Service Zen…become really good at your job

Today was a free worldwide tele-seminar on personal branding – Take a minute to visit the site, I am told that soon, podcasts will be posted of all 24 of the sessions.

I was able to listen to several of the speakers, among them Debbie Weil (, and Phil Gerbyshak ( My takeaway from today’s speakers is that we can, should and are all branding ourselves constantly. For our work, that means that we are creating an image of ourselves in the minds of our customers.

For myself, I have worked very hard with my team (both up and down the chain) to brand ourselves as a customer focused team. This encompasses not only responding to issues that happen, but also a constant nurturing of our customers to “check in” and to communicate frequently so that they know us and trust us.

Specific things that we do are visiting them periodically (drop in or scheduled), periodic “touch base” meetings, ad hoc calls, emails and thank you cards (an idea from Phil Gerbyshak) and in general, making sure that we are more than “just someone to call when things go wrong.”

The feedback over time has snowballed into something truly wonderful. I’m not sure if we are quite to the level of Raving Fans, but we feel as though we are on the right track.

Feel free to use any of these techniques and I would love to hear from you on ideas you have tried.

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One response to “Customer Service Zen…become really good at your job

  1. The Relationship Geek - Phil Gerbyshak

    Thanks for listening in. Sounds like you definitely got the gist of what I was sharing. Brand YOU is alive and well. Keep improving it and refining it and you too will make it great!

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