Customer Service Tip #1 – The Customer Is Always Right

Starting off our 52 tips is the Golden Rule of Customer Service:

The Customer Is Always Right!

While that may seem like a no-brainer, it is increasingly common to experience the complete reversal of this mantra. Between the virtual walls thrown up around on-line customer service (note the lack of capitalization due to lack of service) and the permeation of Generation Slack* into almost every facet of the workforce, bad customer service, or customer disservice is more the norm than the exception.

So, remember, the Customer is our source of revenue. They are always right and speak with their wallets. Even when they are wrong (yes! I said it!), they should be treated as though they are right.

This little secret…..”should be treated as though they are right”…..will go miles in your Customer Relations. Try it, the results are disarmingly fantastic!

Thanks for reading,


*Note – I can use the term Generation Slack because I AM from that generation. Email me if you want to know more…

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