But, they talk back!

I can already hear the questions. What does “But, They Talk Back” mean. Who is “they” and why do I care that they talk back?

For the millions, make that tens of millions, of us that make a living providing some type of service, the answer to this life changing, career enhancing and attitude adjusting phrase is – people! People talk back.

Quite simply, the biggest unknown in the world are people. Unlike computers, math, science and a host of other very predictable things in our lives, people are the unknown quantity. They can be (the key word here is CAN) erratic, fickle, inconsistent, temperamental, and possible, the biggest uncertainty that we run into in our daily lives.

For some, that uncertainty is not really that big of a deal. But for many of us, dealing with people is a challenge and can be quite difficult. That’s where we need a little help.

So, stop by once in a while and read some thoughts on what makes people tick and how to work with them. I hope you find it useful for your job, your career and your daily interactions. If you have thoughts of your own, let me know.

Stay tuned,



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