About Brandon

Brandon Caudle is a “People Person in a Digital World.” After graduating from Florida State University, he decided to travel the world, so he found a willing sponsor in his Uncle Sam. Several years of working outdoors in pouring rains and muddy fields convinced him that he needed to escape the boiling summers and freezing winters of the U.S. Army, so he decided that he would find a “nice, soft, cushy job indoors where no one yelled at him anymore and he could work just eight hours a day”…

…and so he found his way to a Help Desk. Fortunately for Brandon, the skills he learned in Latin America and Asia have translated well into managing diverse Customer Support teams across different remote locations. As the Computer Support Center Manager for a large company in California, he spent a decade of working 12 hour days and 24×7 on-call support, but the rewards of working with a World Class Support Organization far outweighed the inconveniences of being called at home on Christmas Eve for critical issues.

As an industry expert on Customer Service, Brandon has authored several books, Customer Service Voodoo and Top 10 Leadership Strategies to Build an Exceptional Team (Co-written with Darien Chimoff), written for the Technical Support Industry (HDI’s Support World) and spoken at Conferences and events for Customer and Technical support.  His passion for Customer Service and his outgoing personality are evident in his engaging and entertaining presentations.

Feedback on Brandon:

“Brandon provided a fresh, dynamic, approach to a relevant topic.”

“Brandon is an excellent speaker and easily engages the audience.”

“Brandon Caudle delivers the message with passion and humor. I wish everyone I do business with would listen to him!”

“You rocked! Thank you so much for presenting for us. Your presentation was so great, you’re a great speaker and held everyone’s attention and left them wanting more.”

Contact Info

Email: customerservicevoodoo@gmail.com



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